My current research is capturing my children with their daily routines. 2020 has brought many changes for everyone - My son, who was born deaf and has suspected ASD, was supposed to go to France with school and finish his final term in Primary School.

My daughter (usually confident, carefree and happy) has developed a rare eating disorder which took five long months to get a diagnosis - most of these in lockdown, away from her friends.

This story of metamorphosis looks at my children’s individual highs and lows and how they interact with each other; with their own physical and mental health challenges - especially in a time of national emergency - demanding change and adaptation.

My son has seemingly become a young man over night with aspirations of being a professional goalkeeper for Manchester United.

My daughter has metaphorically been knocked off her feet but every day picks herself up in a bid to gain control of her disorder - a fight that she is now starting to win.

As their mum I could really not be prouder of these young humans.

We are all changing, constantly - sometimes profoundly and sometimes almost invisibly - this metamorphosis makes us who we are - changing but still the same...




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About the Music

Berlin Song - Ludivco Einaudi
Played by Riley (Age 11)




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